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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Training Webinar

Universal Design is an approach that minimizes barriers and maximizes learning for all students. Learn from PANDA’s year-long UDL research in ABE classrooms. Students are highly diverse and it is beneficial to design classrooms to meet this diversity. During this recorded webinar you will discover specific and practical ways for developing clear expectations, designing a classroom floor plan and fostering a sense of community. See “before”/ “after” pictures and videos of our pilot. You will also learn about barriers to instruction, explore possibilities for students to demonstrate their knowledge and explore a variety of instructional methods. Use UDL principles to make your classroom inviting and inclusive. Whether you have your own classroom or share classroom space you’ll gain some new ideas. This training involves participating in the recorded webinar (at your convenience) during the month of January. You will be expected to complete an assignment which includes implementing UDL principles into your classroom then reflecting on your experience. Lastly, there will be a one hour live webinar at the end of February in which you will be asked to share your UDL experience with other participants. You will earn 16 CEUs when all requirements are completed. If you are interested in participating, please contact panda@rdale.org 

Reducing the Stigma of Mental Illness - Online

This workshop is an online course in collaboration with the Minnesota Literacy Council.  Learn about signs and symptoms of common mental disorders.  Learn to reduce the stigma of mental illness by understanding what it is like and how common it is.  Find out how to make it more comfortable to talk about mental illness, including what to say and do when students disclose mental illness.  During the second part, you will gain useful information about stress, how it impacts mental health, and learn mental wellness strategies, including how to find work-life balance.  This course can be found at:  online.themlc.org

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